16mm Film Workshops

Hosting experimental film workshops ever since a 16mm Singer Instaload XL film projector was donated to my studio in early 2022 (thank you, Ana-Claire). 

Image courtesy of IA&A at Hillyer

Direct animation onto a clear film loop 

Workshops hosted in collaboration with Joana Stillwell . We supply precut loops of 16mm clear film leader, templates, and sharpies. Photographs courtesy of Fou Gallery

Exquisite Corpse: A Collaborative Film Workshop 

Participants are invited to select, modify, and animate directly onto 16mm film scraps or blank polyester film using permanent markers. Work produced during this workshop will be spliced together to make a singular short collaborative film. The resulting short film will be projected, crudely captured, and a recording of the projection will be distributed to workshop participants at the end of the session. Film scraps for this workshop are generously provided by the Chicago Film Society.

Images 1-7 courtesy of IA&A at Hillyer

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