The Ocular Harpsichord

THE OCULAR HARPSICHORD functions musically and works as a twelve-channel live video mixer. The instrument is wired to trigger a system of color-tinted security cameras displaying live video feeds through seven monitors. The harpsichord was donated by Katzen Arts Center Facilities Management Employees who were instructed to discard the instrument. Funding to convert the harpsichord into a twelve-channel video mixer was provided by The Foundation for Contemporary Arts. Originally constructed between 2013-14, the harpsichord was redesigned in 2022.

the ocular harpsichord by emily francisco

Original Design, as displayed 2013-2017

Emily Francisco with the Ocular Harpsichord at Flashpoint
Emily Francisco with Ocular Harpsichord at MICA
The Ocular Harpsichord, 2014image: H. Paul Moon
The Ocular Harpsichord, 2014image: H. Paul Moon
Emily Francisco building the Ocular Harpsichord at Artisphere
The Ocular Harpsichord, 2014image: Cynthia Connolly
How the Ocular Harpsichord Works