In Progress: Control

Control is a 61 key reed organ that still functions as a pump organ, but has been modified to split the signals of a five-part, twelve channel system processing signals from live broadcast television through antennas and digital tuners. Two octaves of the keyboard (the first and fifth) send video signal from the digital tuners to the monitors, creating an interference - as the monitors are getting two separate constant CCTV surveillance feeds. Three octaves of the keyboard (the second, third, and fourth) control audio signals. The second and fourth octaves are sent through effects processors, lowering the pitch of the audio in the second octave and raising the pitch in the fourth. All three octaves are fed from the stereo out DTT901 digital television tuners, split through the reed organ keyboard, and playback through stereo speakers on either side of the reed organ.

*This project will be on view at Stable in Washington DC for the venue's five year anniversary. Exhibition and block party have been postponed but the event and exhibition will be rescheduled shortly.